August 24th, 2011

WATCH: The Rise Of Josh Armstrong

When he was 11, Josh Armstrong was playing basketball at a local park. A man arrived, walked over to someone else playing hoops, and shot him in the head.

“It was the most scared I’ve ever been,” Armstrong admits.

Other hardships followed: his mother got cancer, and his father left the family. Oftentimes, Armstrong doesn’t have enough money for food.

Through the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, however, Armstrong — and other young adults in similar situations — have found hope, guidance, and a path.

Watch this inspiring story above.

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There are so many kids like Josh out there! Such a great program…would love to see a follow up on him! I know he is destined for great things!

My only critique to this lovely, insightful, and profound short documentary is that Josh, the subject, already does “great things with his life,” by inspiring his teachers and peers as well as himself. There’s more to existentialism than a little Sartre, and the best is…the best now and forever.

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A great story which needs to be told on a wide-scale basis. This is what great non-profit organizations are all about. These kids are receiving a chance to better themselves and achieve a life that that they ordinarily could never have dreamed of. Such organizations, as this one, is worthy of our full support.

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