June 28th, 2011

WATCH: The 'Math Blackout' Of P.S. 1

A world without math?!? Oh no!

Allow us to explain.

There are 11 after-school clubs at P.S. 1, including one that helps students produce their own videos. This year, they created a series of talk shows that focused on topics like math, bullying, health, happiness and peace. Parents and community members were invited in to the school to watch and discuss shows with the students.

Approximately 12,000 students from 200 schools across the city, including P.S. 1, participate in clubs run by a non-profit organization called The Leadership Program. Besides video production, there are clubs featuring dance, art, basketball, and many more activities. They give children the opportunity to do something creative and fun, something that they really love, and for some kids, provide an extra incentive to go to school. Research has shown that the programs help reduce truancy.

Above, PS 1’s Olga Rojas reports on a world without math.

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Kids are so creative! We lose some of that along the way (as we get older). I wish we could have done things like this when I was in elementary school. It makes learning so much more engaging! This is also shows that the kids at PS1 are awesome and should not be discounted purely due to test scores!

Technology has created a plethora of creative opportunities. This is just one example of how teachers can enhance engagement and the payoff is meaningful learning!

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