January 19th, 2010

The Real World of Teach for America
The Real World of Teach for America: The Series

What is it actually like for young Teach for America corps members, thrust into a classroom after eight weeks of training? What motivates them to teach, and what will keep them in schools after their two-year commitment ends? And is, as a recent study asks, Teach for America accomplishing its goal of creating lifetime civil servants?

This series explores those questions.

Over the course of two years, Learning Matters producers followed seven Teach for America recruits as they fulfilled their assignments in New Orleans.

You can watch the entire series in the playlist below, or, if interested in a specific story, use these navigation tabs:

Jeylan Erman: The Perfectionist | Colleston Morgan: The Realist
Kady Amundson: The Mentor | Daniel Hoffman: The Idealist
Lindsay Ordower: The Go-Getter | Zitsi Mirakhur: The Pragmatist
Bayoji Akingbola: The Victim of Circumstance

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I tried to watch your videos on my iPhone but as they require flash which is blocked by apple, sadly it doesn’t work. Is there any chance you can make the videos available in another format? Thanks a lot for all your great work in the area of education.

@Tina and anyone else having trouble viewing Flash videos, the full TFA series will be available on YouTube. The first two are up now: http://bit.ly/63hasH.

Do you have any thoughts of covering any of the TFA teachers at lower grade levels in the future?

These were really insightful as a newly accepted CM who will be headed into the classroom this year. I had so much to say for each of them I had to do a whole blog post about the series you can view here: http://www.tfaadventure.com/
Thanks so much for this inside look on being a CM Learning Matters!

wow, i’m glad to have found these through my friend, Diana. i am also joining the 2010 TFA Corps, and this gives me a realistic view of how it will be. but as LaFave mentioned, it would be helpful to have elementary school videos as well.

Haha, I’m in the same boat as many of the previous commenters. I am really interested in applying to TFA and these videos have been incredibly helpful. I still feel that TFA is the right thing for me after I graduate from college, but now I’m much more conscious of the difficulties that lie ahead. Just like a hurdler, once you know where and how high the hurdles are, the easier they are to jump over.

Thanks for posting the videos!

Thank you for this! Very insightful and a great everyday look into what TFA means to those who enter the organization. I’ve also been following a friend’s blog here:


that gives a similar sense of “being on the inside” of TFA

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