April 20th, 2012

WATCH: Google Hangouts On Music Education

In the past five years, 55 very unique music education programs inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema have sprung up in schools across the U. S.; all told, they serve about 6,000 children.

We learned about this national movement while producing a story about the Harmony Program in NYC. After the segment aired, in hopes of furthering the dialogue, we invited music educators from other programs to participate in an online conversation on Google Hangouts that we would host and record.

We hope you enjoy these lively discussions!

Part 1

Eric Booth of El Sistema USA and the leaders of five music programs in the U.S. discuss how they are making the Venezuelan model work in their schools and if this movement is just a fad.

All Participants:

Eric Booth, El Sistema USA
Dantes Rameau, Atlanta Music Project (GA)
Reynaldo Ramirez, Soundscapes (VA)
Kassie Lord, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (MD)
Stanford Thompson, Play On, Philly! (PA)
Louise Lanzilotti, El Sistema Hawai’i (HI)

Part 2

Author Tricia Tunstall and the leaders of six programs modeled on El Sistema discuss the challenges around starting and sustaining a music program. Participants talk about the sudden media attention around the movement and what needs to happen to continue its current success.

All Participants:

Tricia Tunstall, author of Changing Lives: Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema, and the Transformative Power of Music
Alvaro Rodas, Corona Youth Music Project (NY)
Samvel Chilingarian, Verdugo Young Musicians Association (CA)
Anne Fitzgibbon, Harmony Program (NY)
Sarah Hopkins, CityMusic (CT)
Reynaldo Ramirez, Soundscapes (VA)
Melina Garcia, Union City Music Project (NJ)

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