May 23rd, 2011

WATCH: An Ecologically-Minded Fashion Show In NYC

At the High School for Health Professions in New York City, the ECO Club recently put on a fashion show — with a twist (tie), though. All the materials were things you can find at home. So, as the participants learned about bigger issues — such as sustainability and how their generation can give back — they were also wearing newspaper miniskirts and garbage bag blouses. Check it out:

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I was really amazed by the intuition of these students! Keep up the good work Learning Matters!

I must say, this is a great idea! Thanks for capturing the brilliant work of our youth.

I’ve never been so proud to teach at HPHS! Everyone looked great and it really showed how students have the potential to change the world. It’s going to be their world, and the future looks bright. We carry a new world in our hearts, one we are building this very minute — Durruti

I am so glad at how the Eco Fashion Show turned out and to see all the designs come to life! Working hard and putting all the time and effort into the show was definately worth it! I had a great last year with everyone and hopefully this show remains memorable!

I love how us even tho we are only teenagers we can show that recycling really does matter and that this is just one step closer to a cleaner society. HPHS…we the greatest!

Excellent work, ECO team! I think Y-Lan should receive a great hand for this, without her innovative idea, this wouldn’t have ever happened. Each and everyone of us is the architect of our very own future! Class of 2011~

Wow this is amazing.!!!Hope I can be a part of this next year.!

Our Generation making a difference in our world.!!..Keep on the top ..H.P.H.S

Class of 2011 makign a difference!! keep up the great work guys!!! HPHS <3

Selina Rahman should have the most credit for this. We could’ve never done it without her!! She’s awesome and deserves a huge round of applause!

Credit to Selina Rahman (Secretary of Eco Club and Fashion Show Manager) and Y-Lan Nguyen (President of Eco Club) for all their hard work in putting together this fantastic show!. This was definitely HPHS’S show of the year :)

WOW! This has to be one of the most innovative, creative, magnificent things students at HPHS has ever done — For that I am proud to be a student. I love the styles, cause frankly, I wouldn’t mind an Eco friendly tie :P . JG to Y-Lan and all the models and Selina…Excellent.

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