August 14th, 2013

WATCH: Students Sound Off on "Common Core" Tests

A class of 8th graders talks about their experience of taking a “Common Core” test and gives advice to 7th graders about what to expect.

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Thank you PBS and Learning Matters for sharing the perspectives of these Students. Hopefully, Parents, Educators, Policymakers, Legislators, as well as, Common Core tests developers and assessment teams are considering the important views of Students, too.

Perhaps the 8th grade is on the cusp of the age group that needs to start growing beyond boredom. Nothing constructive results from descent into boredom. Excitement and interest are nice but, especially in elite charter school environments, it’s time tom begin learning that the workplace won’t be geared to keeping the employee entertained. Grunt work abounds at all levels of employment. Tedium is being reduced by computers but the human workforce is also being reduced computers. Every kind of interesting work that isn’t nerve-wracking or extremely dangerous will get old eventually. Focus to empower attention to detail is one of the universal attributes that employers covet. They may not stipulate as much but the laxity of focus is one of the most common workplace performance shortfalls, regardless of alleged employee intelligence. Boredom is a transient mental incompetence, a bad habit, and manageable with training.

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