December 9th, 2013

WATCH: Follow the Leader with Sam Chaltain - A Day in the Life of Montgomery County, MD Superintendent Josh Starr

What would your job be like if every day you made decisions that impacted over 150,000 young people in a community that’s filled with million dollar town homes, PHD professors and folks living in poverty? In the first installment of our new web series, Follow the Leader with Sam Chaltain, correspondent Sam Chaltain, a writer and education activist, set out to find out for himself by spending the day with Josh Starr, Montgomery County, MD Superintendent.

Josh Starr began his career as a teacher, spent six years as superintendent in Stamford, CT, and moved to Montgomery County Public Schools in July 2011. As soon as Starr took the job, his profile started to rise, and it stepped up a notch when he called for a three-year moratorium on all standardized testing. What distinguishes Starr, however, is that he’s not an ideologue. He’s not anti-test, he’s not anti-accountability, but he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. In Montgomery County, the largest district in Maryland, Starr says he’s excited by the challenge of taking his district “into the 21st century.” See what makes Starr tick in this exclusive behind the scenes look.

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Wonderful education journalism…the kind we need more of….why? Beacause of the exposed thoughtfulness of Josh Starr…the kind of leader we need more than ever…

Don Ernst

You were going to ask him about Rock Terrace School, and what he was doing to ensure that things were made right for the kids. Did he ever answer you?

@ Don Ernst: What’s he leading? Nothing in this video so far shows leadership of public school system. So far, all that is shown is quiz and exercise routine.

Watch Part II, Janis!

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