January 19th, 2010

The Real World of Teach for America
Bayoji Akingbola - "The Victim of Circumstance"

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Meet Tulane graduate Bayoji Akingbola. On paper, he was the perfect Teach for America candidate. But even the best teacher needs support. Was Bayoji set up to fail?

This video is part of our series following the day in the life of a Teach for America recruit. Watch the entire series here and weigh in with your comments.

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1 comment

As a TFA alumn, now in my 4th year at my initial placement school, I feel this story exposes one common trend that new teachers discover. Struggling schools are often struggling for a reason. The reason isn’t necessarily poor teachers, but poor leadership. This story exposes an incredible inefficiency in educational management, and it is not the first. In business, if the company leaders sink the ship, you kick them out and get new leaders. What America faces is not a teacher crisis, but an educational leadership crisis. Maybe we should try following a few struggling principals around for a day.

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