June 29th, 2009

The Stimulus Gap
The Stimulus Gap Podcast: Out From the Bottom

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For years at Hartford Public High School only one in three students graduated. With statistics like that, it is no wonder that Hartford decided to try some innovative approaches to fix its public schools.

Hartford High was divided into four small, career-themed academies each with its own principal and wing of the building. The change seems to be working. Test scores are inching upward, parents are becoming more involved and students are changing their aspirations.

So why, with over half a billion dollars in federal education stimulus money flowing to Connecticut—money intended to promote reform and protect jobs—is Hartford Public High School laying off teachers?

In this podcast, producer Selly Thiam talks with program producers John Tulenko and Jane Renaud to talk about what they discovered while producing this segment about the effects of the stimulus package on the Hartford School District.

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