January 30th, 2007

Podcast - Progressive Schools

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Progressive schools advocate Alfie Kohn argues that competition undermines learning.

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Great questions!!!

How did you get that?
Why do you think that way?
Did anybody had a different answer?
Does anyone think in a different way?
Do anyone know about this already?
Have you heard about this subject before?
What do you think/know about this?

Great saying!

“Teaching is all about listening
and learning is all about talking”

I love every minute of this podcast!

I have a wealth of respect for the work Alfie Kohn does to help educators and parents understand what real learning is and how we can build truly progressive schools.

This is a remarkably concise podcast packed with quality information.

I blog daily about abolishing grading. You can find my posts on abolishing grading here: http://www.joebower.org/p/abolishing-grading.html

Thank you for this podcast

Interlectual activation begins in the student when they are the driver of their destiny. They love to find out things and are very inquisitive about active learning. They are excellent in their own world, however, children are greater thinkers than they have been credit for. If we work deligently against numbers but base excellence on facts, then the student can go to greater levels. Then we will haveth true Rhode Scholars.

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