March 25th, 2010

Race To The Top Podcast: A Conversation With Randi Weingarten

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Should teachers be paid based on what they teach or what their students learn? Hear Randi Weingarten’s answer to this question as well as her thoughts on teacher evaluation and compensation.

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In reference to the questions above, should teachers be paid on what they teach or what their students learn and, Randi Weingarten’s thoughts on teacher evaluation and compensation, here is my quite different response.

My questions are: Why are we paying teachers at the elementary level for weak metric instruction if they can’t teach it as an integral part of the mathematics curriculum, and if they can’t teach it as such, how can their students learn it?


How can grade school teachers be evaluated by an evaluator who knows nothing about metric instruction
especially considering the fact there is no curriculum to follow?

There are many individuals who can teach others how to measure metric. That’s teaching the system. We stay within the confines of the system. How do we teach the system as an integral part of the mathematics curriculum? We then go beyond the confines of the system itself and connect with mathematics. To what do we connect? How?

I’ve had these answers dating back to 1973 when I made the discovery that separated me from everyone else in education. I remain education’s best kept secret because no one else has investigated what I have done. Professional jealousy? Oh! Yes!!!

I can be of immense help to Randi Weingarten. I’ve uncovered a load of stuff of which no one else is aware that will improve mathematics and have a positive effect on the economy. Interested? You should be!!!

I listened to Michelle Rhee this A. M. on tv. She’s a Champion of Reform? She’s a dud! President Bush’s NCLB enabled her to rid systems of teachers and administrators and so-called weak schools. She is rude & inconsiderate of others & there’s no loss.

Get back to me. You will not be disappointed. I have forty years of metric under my belt that will do wonders for education. If President Obama knew about me and what metric really is all about, he’d have me offering teachers Professional Development Training in Metric Education at Sidwell Friends because they don’t have it!!!!!!!!

The President is missing the same metric grade school education his kids aren’t getting.

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