March 24th, 2009

A Profile of Arne Duncan
Profiling Arne Duncan Podcast: Duncan's Thoughts On Innovation And Impact

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Thanks to the federal stimulus package, new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has a $160 billion budget — and of that, he can spend $5 billion any way he pleases. With over 200 special interest groups and countless superintendents clamoring for his attention, Duncan has a lot of options.

Duncan shares his thoughts on best strategies, and how he hopes to impact an education system where 3 out 10 ninth graders fail to graduate.

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I much like Sec. Duncan’s enthusiasm but I feel mixed about some of the points he made. Is he aware of the history of public education in this country? Its control (during 150 years) went from local to county to state to federal which has resulted in the current sad, sad state of affairs — e.g., the “one size fits all” expressed in No Child Left Behind and the Nat’l Assessment of Educational Progress. No approach like this can possibly be successful, but it sounds like Sec. Duncan, like so many others, is really in the “same old, same old” box. Our public education needs very fresh perspectives; Sec. Duncan sounds like he is just going to tinker.

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