April 8th, 2008

Podcast - A Principal's Perspective

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Principal L. Nelson Burton must raise test scores at Washington, DC’s troubled Coolidge Senior High School – but he says that half of his teachers are not effective.

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1 comment

I really love this podcast.I listen to it at least three times a week. It has changed my perspective on education.After listening to Principal Burton, I became more focus and also began sharing with fellow teachers to get on track. So much of what goes on in the D.C. school system is also happening in NY. Mr.Burton gave me a valuable non-biased principal’s perspective that was sorley lacking in my experience as a NYC school teacher.I felt like he was talking directly to me. Because of Mr.Burton, I am more willing to partner up with administrators.Thank you Mr.Merrow for opening up great dialogue and making us aware of what is going on in education from all perspectives.Now is thee time to rationalize and do what is best for the students.

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