July 7th, 2009

Paul Vallas in New Orleans
Paul Vallas Series Podcast: Vallas' quick list of accomplishments

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New Orleans School Superintendent Paul Vallas is a tough interview. It isn’t because he is reticent—he’s almost too enthusiastic and almost impossible to rein in.

We’ve been following him for the past two years, chronicling his efforts to fix New Orleans’ troubled schools by bringing in Teach For America Recruits and modernizing classrooms (just to name a few).

In this podcast, John Merrow asks Paul Vallas for a “quick list” of what he has accomplished so far in New Orleans and what is on the horizon for his third year.

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1 comment

Administrators and other government officials are motivated by money to hire cheap young teachers and replace older more expensive teachers. As if our schools are full of old, bad and overpaid teachers. This claim is entirely without merit. Teachers have never been a problem.

Look to war and the violence of society, look to the economic crisis of families, look to the obliteration of value and culture; most importantly look to “education reform” for the real enemy of learning in America.

Ed Wilson
Fifth Generation American Teacher

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