October 16th, 2007

No Child Left Behind Podcast: Honoring the Reality

( Click here to download the podcast )

Anthony Cody is a National Board Certified Teacher with 18 years of classroom experience under his belt. But Anthony Cody is no longer teaching–he left the profession several years after the No Child Left Behind was passed. In this podcast, hear Cody explain why left, why it’s difficult for teachers to criticize the law, and why NCLB doesn’t “honor the reality” of urban education.

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I believe [Anthony Cody] speaks for a majority of our talented and competent teachers and administrators who feel the insufficiency and inappropriateness of the NCLB legislation. His feelings that the very name of the legislation gives any challenger a deficit position in discussing the merits of the law is accurate and interesting. Hats off to Anthony Cody and to John Merrow for this excellent transcript!

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