September 9th, 2010

Michelle Rhee in Washington, DC
Michelle Rhee in DC Series Podcast: The IMPACT system, at work

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What happens when a 24-year veteran teacher is suddenly rated “ineffective” and loses her job?

75 DCPS teachers were fired this summer under the new teacher evaluation system, IMPACT. Learning Matters producer Amanda Thieroff spoke with Claudette Carson, a former elementary school teacher in the DC public schools about teaching, IMPACT, and what she’s doing now that she’s been terminated.

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having worked with and for Ms Carson for 10 years, i can say that she was among the top teachers. no non-sense. serious. committed. i was stunned to learn of her, along with others, dismissal/”forced” retirement. And there are other teachers who are yet waiting to be “placed”. shame on Ms. Rhee.

I also worked with Ms. Carson and saw on a daily basis the fear of her students because another student tormented them everyday. Ms. Carson tried hard to protect her students along with teching them. The administration refused to discipline the studnets that where out of control. As she said we had only one social worker who came inthe middle of the year. No guidance counselor, no in-house suspension person no psychiatrist. We worked in an area that had many crack babies. These students need extra support and at Garfield we could not get that support. the principal was not willing to work with the staff to help students or teachers. Ms. Carson before this year was a good teacher. A comment was made by one of the students that the kids could do what they wanted because our principal would not suspend anyone

I am sure you know Chancellor Rhee has resigned. Her philosophy has sent a negative impression of teachers across the nation. Teaching has become a job and not a career.

Update: Two teachers have resigned from Garfield ES already this year.

Former teachers of Garfield ES met last Sunday to celebrate Mrs. Brown and others retirement. Teaching becoming a job and not a career was the sentiment of the group. I am witnessing younger teachers seeking alternate careers.

No more teaching to generation of students from the same family and connecting to the community.

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