August 31st, 2010

Michelle Rhee in Washington, DC
Michelle Rhee in DC Series Podcast: George Parker's concerns over Rhee

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Washington D.C. teachers recently signed a new five-year contract with schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, and both parties are relatively pleased. D.C. Teachers’ Union President George Parker says it’s “good for children, fair to teachers.” It calls for more professional development, provides teachers the opportunity to make almost twice their regular salaries, and requires “mutual consent” between teachers and principals - each has to want to work with the other in order to do so. But Parker does have some qualms. He resents that Rhee’s teacher evaluation system - IMPACT - was separate from the contract and was non-negotiable. He also says that while the contract sounds good, he’s concerned that it may not be enforced. John Merrow talks with Parker about the contract and his concerns over Rhee’s leadership in D.C.

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Firing 20% of her staff with only an increase of 2% competency gain at best in mathematics and reading (14% proficiency level of students) is not effective.
She is ineffective and bad for “business”- page out of her playbook.

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