February 12th, 2008

Michelle Rhee in Washington, DC
Michelle Rhee in DC Series Podcast: Can reform take place without community input?

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Parent advocate Margot Berkey is thrilled about the prospect of lasting school reform in Washington, DC. But can such reform take place without community input? In this podcast, Berkey discusses the ramifications of what she sees as a lack of transparency on the part of DC schools leaders.

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“We don’t have an integrative approach” she says…
How to define integrative?
That is the main issue to understand what changes we really need as a community
and therefore define what knowledge really is; the knowable that we pass on to our children as a process of transformation.
Who do we want to be when we grow up?

So let’s start by defining “who do we want to be”.
If, as one of the most famous phrases says “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, is really what we want to be or have, then it naturally follows, “how do we obtain that?”
To achieve that, we need all elements to have the same intrinsic intention, or that push in the same direction. That is to have the same integrative purpose to achieve the same goal. The basic premise implies that I have to be ethical with myself to respect and make my best effort. Each of us needs to do the same in all relationships.
The projection of this clear path makes each relationship have the same intrinsic intention. The relationship with myself, my partner, friends, community, country, humanity, environment, universe, spirit and the universe.
To fix the education chaotic state, which is only one of the relationships, we must fix all other relationships. Otherwise it cannot be accomplished.
So let’s look at all aspects of our world, country, politics, information, etc, and ask ourselves if our current state of education does not reflect that reality. If the answer is YES, then we must fix all levels, otherwise we are just wasting our time and effort working on fixing only education.
To be happy with our education system, we must be happy with the world. That is the integrative approach.

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