November 12th, 2012

LISTEN: John Merrow and Merryl Tisch at The JCC in Manhattan

( Click here to download the podcast )

Here, John engages in a nearly hour-long dialogue with New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch. This event was held on October 24, 2012 at The JCC in Manhattan. This was the first of four dates between now and Spring 2013 for Year 2 of John’s conversations at the JCC; the next date is December 12, 2012. You can learn more about the series here.

You can click the red play button above to hear the Merrow-Tisch discussion.

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Bravo - just happened to catch the PBS newshour re: Learnig Matters. My son is a parent with a learning disabilty child. He is convinced she should have been held back this year - now in the 7th grade. Your program is the first we have discovered that supports the hold back theory.The school has pushed her through each grade since the first.Needless to say the family has felt helpless regardless of the school system efforts and their reassurance that she is improving. Help. They are in a small New York rural school district that has approx 25% of their students in IEP. Who can they turn to for advice?The father has been made to feel that he is not supporting the school efforts.He currently is reaching for outside analysis for this well mannered, happy young girl who cannot read. Grandmother Fish

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