March 28th, 2014

LISTEN: Diane Ravitch

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Did the Secretary of Education break the law when he funded the tests that will soon assess the Common Core State Standards? Ravitch believes he did: “What is tested is what gets taught.” Citing U.S. Code § 1232a - Prohibition against Federal control of education, she says, “No agent of the U.S. government may do anything to direct, control, or supervise curriculum and instruction.” Hear more of John Merrow’s interview with Diane Ravitch here.

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She is right, teachers are leaving the profession because we’re tired of being blamed for social conditions that make kids not ready for learning. Blindness from our governmental agencies is poisoning the water so being a teacher is no longer a good profession or as rewarding. Who wants to teach when you are blamed for lack of achievement when your kids are hungry.

Federal mandates (Mandates) re special education are far more specific and demanding of what local districts must do than the “common core”. Moreover, Congress promised to pay 40% of these costs but has not done so.

Why isn’t Diane Ravitch talking about this?

Who is able to file a Writ of Mandamus (?) compelling The US Attorney General to enforce the law i.e. do his job.

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