December 7th, 2009

Podcast - The State of Community Colleges

( Click here to download the podcast )

Take this quiz.   (Answers below.)

1. What percentage of college students attend community college?
A) 12%    B)  25%    C) 35%    D) 50%

2. To reform community colleges, President Obama proposes to spend?
A) 12 billion   B) 3 billion    C) 500 million    D) 100 million

3.  What’s the graduation rate at community colleges?
A) 35%    B)  22%     C) 55%     D) 65%

If you missed any of these questions, then you should learn more about community colleges.   They are overflowing with students seeking to save on college tuition and laid off workers seeking to train for new careers.  The President considers community colleges crucial to the economic recovery and wants them to get far bigger and better in the years to come.

In this podcast, Dr. Kay McClenney, discusses her just released report on the state of community colleges. “The Community College Survey of Student Engagement” polled thousands of students at some 300 campuses to find out what works in this fast growing section of higher education.

Read the report online:

[Answers: 1) D; 2) A; 3) B.]

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Graduation rate must be defined and/or expanded. Some community college students enroll and complete a 1-year certificate program or even a smaller time- period program. Are they included in your “graduation rate.”

I used the federal means of tracking graduation rates. It looks at the students who, upon first enrolling, indicate they wish to complete a degree or certificate program and then follows up to report the percentage who reach their goal. I know a lot of community colleges protest, saying the feds are tracking a small slice of their students, omitting the vast majority who may be there for one or two courses. Do you have any thoughts on a better way to measure success?


Community Colleges provide a lifeline for our educational process and on-line courses that are properly managed is the direction we must steer towards.

This is a sad report to read. Even if the graduation rate wes 50% it would still be hard to take. Serious intervention is needed or America will continue going behind Chaina and India next.

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