July 18th, 2013

WATCH: The Language War in New Britain

Most 3rd graders in New Britain, CT can’t read by the end of the school year. For many of them this means they’ll remain behind for the rest of their lives. Kelt Cooper, the district’s new superintendent, says he can fix that. He’s eliminated bilingual education classes in the majority Latino community, replacing them with an ‘English Immersion’ program that devotes much of the school day to learning English grammar. The move is controversial and, while initial results seem promising, opponents say students are being shortchanged.

John Tulenko reports from New Britain.

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CCLISTEN: Merrill Gay, New Britain Early Childhood Collaborative

Preschool also has a proven track record in helping children succeed in school. John Tulenko spoke with Merrill Gay, executive director of New Britain Early Childhood Collaborative, about early education efforts in New Britain.


WATCH: Lost in Translation - Latinos, Schools & Society

Our award-winning 1998 Merrow Report documentary explores how the Spanish/English language barrier contributes to a high dropout rate among Latino youth, and profiles promising dual-language and bilingual programs.

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These people are using JUNK curricula. If they use a multi-sensory, direct systematic approach they WILL see results. My suggestion is SING, SPELL, READ & WRITE. I have used this program for 20 years, in the hood in NYC and have always had high test scores.

This professor is another “out of touch” educrat! Remember “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” This school will succeed, I just wish they would use the program I suggested. Grammar IS meaningful! Our language has structure and order! It’s important.

They can’t do content if they can’t read!

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