June 20th, 2017

WATCH: Snapchat and Schools - Monitoring What Students Post Online

Schools are paying a lot more attention these days to what students post on social media. Harvard recently rescinded admittance for a number of incoming freshman, reportedly because the students had posted violent, racist, and sexually explicit content in a private Facebook group. It’s not just colleges who are keeping an eye on social media. School districts say they have a responsibility to ensure online posts don’t impact school safety and students’ ability to learn. Civil rights groups argue schools must be careful not to violate free speech and privacy rights. It can be a delicate dance. We traveled to Surprise, Ariz., outside Phoenix to see how one district is tackling this issue.


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To avoid wasting time on combing through the Internet for student code violators, some institutions are instead focusing their efforts on educating the campus about responsible social media use and giving students a say in how their institution should be portrayed online.


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