February 4th, 2015

WATCH: Rural Schools in McDowell County - Part 2

It’s often said it takes a village to raise a child, but in McDowell County in West Virginia, that might be easier said than done. The rural community is the highest in the state in unemployment, drug abuse, and poverty. Schools estimate nearly half of school aged children live apart from their mothers and fathers - often with grandparents or other relatives. Additionally, geographic and social isolation makes it difficult for many families to have access to enriching resources. Public schools and other organizations have partnered to change this - can providing support to parents and caregivers be the help this community needs?


Part 1WATCH: Rural Schools in McDowell County - Part 1

McDowell County, WV, is a hard place to be a kid. The former coal mining community is the poorest in the state, with the highest rates of drug overdose, suicide, and heart disease. A new initiative, which includes the teacher union, is trying to turn this around.

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I’m from Mc Dowell County and this simply was an eye opener, when you see it from this perspective. I was born and raised there and left at 18 to find a job in NC. I hope and pray other’s see this and those who can help reach out and do so for the sake of the families and the county. My heart was broken even more so seeing your report, knowing that I try not to come home and visit because a place that I called home seemed once so beautiful but yet now lost.

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