February 3rd, 2015

WATCH: Rural Schools in McDowell County - Part 1

McDowell County, WV, is a hard place to be a kid.  Public schools in this former coal mining community were so bad that in 2001 the state took them over.   At home, life wasn’t much better: schools estimate that up to 46% of children do not live with a biological parent, having lost them to overdose, suicide, incarceration or court ordered removal from their homes.  However, that may be starting to change.  A partnership of businesses, nonprofits, state agencies and the teacher union, called “Reconnecting McDowell,” is making an all out effort to revitalize this tragically depressed community.

In part one of our two part report, John Tulenko looks at how challenges are being addressed inside schools.


Part 1WATCH: Rural Schools in McDowell County - Part 2

In West Virginia’s McDowell County, parents and caregivers often lack the support necessary to raise happy, healthy children. In the second of this two part report, John Tulenko looks at new programs that offer a ray of hope.

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What time does this air and when ?? The check local listings link is no help.

I totally hate this crap wonder if its going to tell the truth or just another crock of bullshit, sometimes It amazes me how someone can do something like this and all they want to show is the bad stuff, we here in McDowell co. may not be perfect but they neglect telling about all the teachers that don’t even try to help these children learn and how kids get passed through school without even being able to read and write. or about how many of our you boys and girls graduate from school go straight to work and live very productive lives, so hell yea I am McDowell co. proud. Also there are many many of our children here that don’t attempt to do drugs and the suicide rate here in Mcdowell co. is probaly lower than anywhere, we are tough, we are survivors, and we take care of our own but hope this makes someone a lot of money we believe in helping anyone out

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