August 11th, 2008

WATCH: Paying For Grades

Is paying students for grades a good idea? More and more cities are launching “pay for grades” pilot programs in an effort to increase student motivation and improve performance. But is it working?

We visited Coshocton, Ohio—a factory town that’s been paying students for years and keeping track of the results—to find out.

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We produced a bonus video in this series, on the individual story of Josh Ackley. Can payment for grades make him a better student? Watch it here:

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As an educator I find this practice disgusting. They are learning the wrong lesson by being paid to gain knowledge. It is shown that when you take away the incentive the students’ performance plummets. This video of Dan Pink’s TED Talk explains how this practice will fail.

[...] You can view this piece and a special bonus program right here. [...]

I was always given incentive by my parents for earning allowance based on my report card. I was a good student anyway, but this gave me the desire to make the extra push. Once I was in college, I naturally wanted good grades because I was paying good money for my education. I maintained a 4.0 GPA, while working 50 hours/week at a full time job, until my last semester when I got my first B.

I will use allowance as an incentive for my kids (& stepson) to improve their grades, but only pay for A’s & B’s.

[...] Teaching, and The Search For Values — and an Innovation Programs bundle, where you can own Pay for Grades, Brand New Ballgame, and Social & Emotional Learning for the same [...]

[...] few years ago, we produced a piece on a “paying for grades” program in [...]

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