March 25th, 2009

WATCH: A Profile Of Arne Duncan

Thanks to the federal stimulus package, Obama’s new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has a $160 billion budget — and of that, he can spend $5 billion any way he pleases. With over 200 special interest groups and countless superintendents clamoring for his attention, Duncan has a lot of options.

How will he disburse the money? We sat down with Duncan to find out.

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PodcastSuperintendents Weigh In

Four U.S. education supers on Arne Duncan’s biggest challenges to come and how his priorities should be defined. Listen to the story.


Li Li LiChristopher T. Cross

Cross has seen many Ed. Secretaries come and go. Here are his thoughts and advice for Duncan. Listen to the story.


Li Li LiRandi Weingarten

Likewise, Weingarten also has advice and thoughts for Duncan as he arrives at his post. Listen to the story.


Li Li LiArne Duncan Himself

The new Ed. Secretary on innovation and impact, among other topics. Listen to the story.

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I have been very impressed by everything Arne has done as Secretary, the number of times we have met, the openness of his team… I was pleased by President –elect Obama’s choice (because Arne was an active member of CUBE) and am even more gratified by the Secretary’s execution to date!

Same old tune since Reagan’s concocted A Nation at Risk report. Confusing the “achievement gap” issue with the broader issue of what it means to be well-educated and why public schools are failing. At the same time, the private preparatory schools provide the obvious answer. Kids who are valued, in intellectually stimulating environments, thrive. Can’t afford it for everyone? Then build more prisons and more fast food chains.

In secondary education, it is not only about national standards:integrate career and college preparation. Follow the NYS plan: Regents’ State examination in core academic subjects and technical and performance assessment in Career and Technical Education CTE. In 2006, Congress adopted the NYS model for CTE education, so that is in place.
Commit to the fundamentals as in the NYSED Regents plan and organize the last two years with electives related to Career and Technical education that allow for business input and national career standards.
Arne bring your CTE Director from Chicago to Washington.

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[...] the New York Daily News. In both columns I put forth four nominees — Wendy Kopp, Big Bird, Arne Duncan and Joel Klein — and chose Joel for his remarkable network of eleven protégés now [...]

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