August 5th, 2009

Wednesday: A Weekly Look at Some Big Stories

Arne DuncanIt’s Wednesday!  Here’s a look at some stories we’re following:

Federal investigators looking into Chicago’s elite public schools with allegations that parents use their clout to get their kids into certain schools. [NPR, 8/4/09]
Does a cool economy make teaching a hot job? [Joanne Jacobs, 8/04/09]
In recession, alumni of all ages look to alma mater for career help [NY Times, 7/31/09]
The interview: John Merrow and Diane Ravitch [Taking Note, 8/3/09]
How to achieve Duncan’s proposed transformation when there is such a lack of expert advice on school turnarounds? [EdWeek, 8/4/09]
More success in pay for grades programs? Rewarding Achievement works for A.P. exams in NYC [NY Times, 8/4/09]
Ineffective Uses of Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title II Funds [Center for American Progress, 8/4/09]

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