June 3rd, 2009

Update: Girls Allowed

Much has been made of the achievement gap between men and women in science and math, but new research suggests that the genders are edging closer together.  girls_math_sm1

According to a new report by the National Research Council, women who hold PhDs in science and math are now as likely as their male counterparts to end up with tenure-track jobs.  And new research from the University of Wisconsin indicates that school-age girls and boys are now achieving nearly equivalent test scores in science and math.  Women still form a relatively small percentage of applicant pools for jobs in science and math, however, which suggests that disparities are the result of cultural–not biological–factors.

Women Are Seen Bridging Gap in Science Opportunities [NY Times]

Tenure-Track Jobs in Science and Math Are Open to Women, if They Want Them [Chronicle of Higher Ed]

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1 comment

In my Computer Science classes at Stanford I get far more men than women enrolling. I don’t know the stats from our department, but it seems clear women choose CS less often. In my 10 years teaching, I haven’t noticed any growing trend of women in my CS classes.

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