May 28th, 2009

The Condition of Education 2009

The National Center for Education Statistics released its annual “Condition of Education” report today–it’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in some real statistics about U.S. education. The figures on education and earnings will come as no surprise, but they may counter some of the recent ideas about whether a college education is worth its cost. earnings

Interesting stats include:

• In 2007, adults ages 25-34 with a Bachelor’s earned 29% more than those whose highest attainment was an associate’s and 55% more than those whose highest attainment was a high school diploma or equivalent.

• The median earnings: Bachelor’s: $45,000; Associate’s: $35,000; High School Diploma or equivalent: $29,000; no HS diploma or equivalent: $23,000.

Young adult males earned $50,000; $10,000 more than adult females.

• White young adults had higher median earnings than their Black or Hispanic counterparts at each level of educational attainment.

Asian young adults with a bachelor’s, master’s, or higher had higher earnings than their White, Black, and Hispanic counterparts.

Get the full report from the IES [National Center for Education Statistics]

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