October 22nd, 2009

Teachers blogging, and teaching to blog

Online Schools.org posted a list yesterday of the 100 blogs every new teacher should read. It’s a really comprehensive and thorough list of online resources for teachers, but we were particularly intrigued by the section on teacher bloggers–men and women who might offer a fresh or interesting perspective on the challenges and rewards of teaching in 2009. We found some intriguing examples, which we’ve already added to our online reading lists–and if you’re an educator or an otherwise interested party, we encourage you to do the same. Favorites include:

  • David Warlick. His blog, 2 cents Worth, focuses on the importance of incorporating technology-based and new media skills in the everyday classroom–a subject we’ve covered extensively on Ed Beat and on which Warlick seems to be somewhat of an authority. He often presents on the topic to conferences of educators, and his blog reveals some impassioned–and potentially controversial–opinions, like the following (from a post on national standards):

I would also urge developers to include, as a reading skill, the ability to locate information to be read. If my children can not skilled in use something like Google to find information that is appropriate to what they are trying to achieve, then I might prefer that they not be able to read it.

  • JT Spencer. This blog feels as youthful as its author–it’s bound to be appealing to the many young teachers who enter the country’s teaching force right out of college. Spencer “muses” (his word choice) about a lot of things, some of them unrelated to teaching, but his posts about education are thoughtful and complex. Check out this post about how he’s wary of his students using social networking sites–Spencer might be the voice of his generation of teachers.
  • Cool Cat Teacher. This teacher’s blog is less about the classroom experience and more a response to current issues in education. It presents an incredibly thorough daily round-up of education stories and teaching resources: the combination of news and helpful hints feels just right.
  • Kathy Cassidy’s Classroom Blog. This one is a pleasure to skim through, even if you have zero interest in teaching or education. Cassidy’s blog belongs not only to her but to her entire first-grade class: she posts photo montages of their work, news about their ongoing projects, and videos cataloguing their outspoken selves (watch one below). It must be exciting for parents to track their children’s progress via a blog like this; not to mention its value as an online literacy tool for the six-year-olds themselves.

The full list of blogs offers an embarrassment of other riches for educators, including relevant twitter feeds.

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