June 8th, 2009

Media Mondays: Watch Out for The Striking Viking Story Pirates!

The Striking Viking Story Pirates are a non-profit theater group that takes stories written by kids and turns them into musical extravaganzas “as way of celebrating the words and ideas of young people, to promote literacy as a vital part of early childhood education, and to preserve the spark of youthful creativity often lost in the transition to adulthood.”

With the mission of promoting creative collaboration between adults and children, the pirates perform weekly at the Drama Book Shop, and they also teach workshops at schools.

Watch the video below to see how The Pirates adapted the story “Abbey is Sile” written by Sofia Morales-Bello Marecelo, age 6.

Visit the official Story Pirates website

BONUS: This past weekend in NYC, The Story Pirates collaborated with Found Magazine — a magazine that collects discarded or lost treasures from around the country — to bring some highlights from the Found archives to life. Watch them discuss that project with Brian Lehrer (WNYC).

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