June 1st, 2009

Media Monday: Please Vote for Me

Please Vote for Me is a smart and entertaining documentary that covers a range of issues including education, democracy and new approaches to teaching.

Directed by Chinese director Weijun Chen the film tells the story of a 3rd grade class in suburban China.  The class will hold their first election for “classroom monitor”–a position that was previously appointed by the teacher.  Three students are chosen and have approximately a week to convince their classmates to vote for them (at the start of the film, many students are unfamiliar with the concept of democracy).

Their personalities and political tactics make the film touching and hilarious.  It’s also interesting to watch what an enlightening and educational experience it becomes for the entire class.

Visit the official website

Watch part 1 of 5 (full film on YouTube):

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1 comment

Wow. This clip was interesting. Thanks!

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