December 3rd, 2009

"Give it a ponder." The catchphrase for a generation?

James Lipton, the decidedly odd host of the now defunct Bravo series “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” hardly seems like an ideal spokesman for teen culture. And yet, LG, a large electronics company that produces mobile phones, has developed a series of PSAs targeted at teens centered around Lipton. In each of the flippant, quirky videos, Lipton delivers a short monologue on the dangers of sending belligerent text messages or sexually explicit photos to one’s peers. “Before you text…give it a ponder,” he says, after transferring his signature beard from his own face to the face of the teen in question. The campaign seems potentially effective: Lipton may be just offbeat enough to appeal to teens.

“Sexting,” as it’s somewhat obnoxiously referred to by many, has become a real threat to the health and happiness of adolescents, as have other forms of online harassment. Check out our coverage of this issue from earlier this year to find out how some other non-profits are addressing it, and watch our favorite Lipton bit below.

Give it a Ponder [Official Site]

How “Give it a Ponder” Could Help Teens Think Twice [YPulse, 12/02/2009]

Relationship Abuse: That’s Not Cool [Ed Beat, LMtv, 6/30/09]

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