October 9th, 2009

Friday Fun: Youth Speak & Arts Education

We’re off for a long weekend (Happy Columbus Day, everyone!), but we wanted to leave with some ideas that could get you thinking (they did for us).  It’s all about activism, art, and fun.  Enjoy!

Young people often have the enthusiasm and creativity that can help solve big problems, but they’re often left out of the decision-making process. Youth from the Bronx and Brooklyn aren’t accepting that as reality and have begun confronting neighborhood planning challenges head on. Listen to them talk about what they’re doing to make change in their neighborhoods–there’s no way you’ll leave feeling uninspired.
[When Young People Talk ... People Listen]

Arts education has long been underfunded, and money for the arts doesn’t seem to be flooding in anytime soon. Which begs the question: how can schools be more resourceful about teaching arts? Last month we talked with Jenny Hartman, a musician who goes to classes and leads singalongs based on books. It’s a way to jumpstart creativity as well as teach reading. We recently found out about an online resource that could just be a way to teach kids about music:  The Virtual Piano. You can learn about notes, keys, sounds, or brush up on your skills all while sitting at your computer. It would be a great tool in any classroom (and it’s free!). [The Virtual Piano]

A great PSA for arts education (it’s an oldie but a goodie):

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