November 18th, 2009

Around-the-Web Wednesdays: Voices heard

dc11-protestIt feels like it’s been both a turbulent and a vocal week for education. Perhaps in reaction to Secretary Duncan’s appearance with Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton on “Meet the Press,” Diane Ravitch blogged about charter schools: she says there’s no evidence that they will, as many claim, close the achievement gap. Over at the Wall Street Journal, education bloggers are equally incensed that the Ford Foundation will be investing in teachers unions, which they call “the biggest barrier to school reform in America.” The Razi School in Woodside, Queens and a number of other private Islamic schools around the country have been in the public eye this week as the federal government has seized assets belonging to the Alavi Foundation, an organization believed to be funneling money to the Iranian government. And here at Learning Matters, John Merrow is at the WISE conference in far-off Qatar, and keeping us up-to-date. Finally, don’t miss our latest coverage of Michelle Rhee’s reign in Washington, D.C., which aired on the NewsHour on Tuesday night.

Obama and Duncan Are Wrong About Charters ["Bridging Differences," EdWeek, 11/17/09]
Ford Gives Money to Teachers Unions [, 11/17/09]
Concern at a School in a Building Tied to Iran [NY Times, 11/13/09]
Michelle Rhee in Washington, D.C.: Tensions Rising [LMTV and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, 11/17/09]

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