September 17th, 2009

An end to student debt?


Gail Collins has an op-ed piece in the New York Times today on student loan reform, worth reading for content and for her sassy-snarky delivery. Collins makes fun of Congress for comparing student loan reform to health care reform, when the student loan bill is quite uncomplicated and common-sensical. It seems like the bill will eventually pass; when it does, the federal government will loan money directly to student borrowers, and the terms of the loans will go easier on low-income students and their families.

This spring, we reported on the sad facts of paying for college for the NewsHour–check out those stories and the Collins piece below. We especially like the quotes Collins includes from George Miller, chairman of the Education and Labor committee in Congress: “Before, we never had the horses to do it,” he says about loan reform, and, “We’ve come up with a lot of gibberish,” about the other half of the student debt problem–lowering college tuition.

Someday, a bill will pass [New York Times, 9/17/09]

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