October 20th, 2009

Brain Ooze in Detroit

Ever since he lectured Theo on the merits of a college degree on the first-ever episode of “The Cosby Show,” Bill Cosby has been an outspoken advocate of education in the African-American community. This week on “Taking Note,” his blog, John Merrow interviews Robert C. Bobb, the Emergency Financial Manager of Detroit Public Schools, who attracted Cosby’s attention to the woefully under-performing–not to mention broke–school district last year. Though Detroit is in much the same boat as a lot of large, urban public school systems–like Washington, D.C., where Bobb used to serve on the school board–it has its own unique set of problems, among them overspending, corruption and what the Detroit newscaster below describes as “apathy among some Detroit families.” Detroit has for years now been a kind of ghost town, romanticized–as in these photos by two French photographers for TIME–for its “beautiful, horrible decline.” Will Ghost Dad be able to help? Read Merrow’s interview and watch the Detroit news coverage below to learn more about Bobb and Cosby’s efforts to make over Detroit Public Schools.

Bill Cosby, Back in the “D” [WJBK FOX 2 Detroit, MI, 9/13/09]
Detroit’s Beautiful, Horrible Decline [TIME, March 2009]

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