December 29th, 2012

WATCH: Rocketship Schools

Rocketship Education operates seven schools in San Jose, California that are among the top performing low income schools in the state. The dream, when founded, was replication. Although others have tried, nobody has successfully mass produced a high quality, cost effective school model. Will Rocketship be the first?

We visited Rocketship’s schools to see what makes them tick — and soar.

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CCWatch: Technology In Classrooms

If you’d like to learn more about models involving technology in classroom instruction, check out this web piece we produced at Merit Prep Academy in Newark, New Jersey.

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These children do not have “every possible strike against them.” They have the sine qua non of a good education: parents who care enough to be involved. This idea is not new. Has anyone heard of the parochial school? What you do is this: Enroll only those students whose parents apply and agree to abide by the rules. Expel those children who do not fit in. That will result in a “better” school each and every time.

What we need more than anything is truth in education. John Merrow, I know you are searching for it. Please encourage these “miracle” schools to take over an existing public school, hire all new teachers and show us how to get the same results. Of course, they’d have to take the exact same student population and could not expel anyone, except for the same reasons permitted other public schools.

Where are the test data? Are these kids meeting the goals they set? … Getting the parents involved like this is an interesting idea. But does it work? Does it help with behavior problems, for example?

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