June 26th, 1994

WATCH: Teaching -- The First Year

The first year of teaching is very much like falling in love for the first time: intense, absorbing, exhilarating, painful and joyous, in ways that will stay with you for the rest of your days. With time comes experience and wisdom.

With time, I learned how to be a better teacher, but I never again embraced my classes, my kids, my teaching so completely and so passionately as I had during that first year. As I say, it’s like first love. Of course, we love again, in fact more deeply and more maturely, but who ever forgets?

In many cases, however, the vision of the romantic trail soon spins out of control into a dizzying nightmare. Doubts set in. A feeling of running up the down staircase looms.”

“Often there is no one for the green teacher to turn to and that’s when the anxiety really builds.”

The above can and often does happen. The gap that exists between the vision of a bright-eyed graduate of a school of education and the reality of a first year teacher with his or her own classes is one that must be faced and crossed by all beginning teachers. This program helps future teachers discover and discuss the gap and develop tools to help make the transition from graduation to classroom.

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