April 11th, 2007

WATCH: Discounted Dreams

Community colleges are the fastest growing segment of American higher education — but the system is straining. Above is the trailer for our documentary on this topic, Discounted Dreams, as well as several personal stories featured within the documentary.

Some say that community colleges are vital to America’s future – they offer a staggering array of classes and job training programs. But growing enrollment is straining the system, underfunding persists, and in spite of some remarkable success stories, they fail to graduate even half of those who come.

This documentary travels to California, Colorado, Illinois and New York to explore the paradoxes of these vital institutions.

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1 comment

I have appreciated all of your work on education. I have found it both thoughtful and thought-provoking. I have been especially interested in your pieces on two-year colleges, since I, along with several colleagues, have been involved at our college (Alverno College) in working with two-year schools in several projects. Although we are a four-year school, our students reflect those of many two-year schools and our curriculum emphasizes students using what they have learned.

I have had the good fortune to view and discuss Discounted Dreams on a couple of occasions and you’ll be pleased to know that the response of the audiences was very constructive, exploring the issues it raises.

Thanks again for your work on these important questions.

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