February 2nd, 2010

The Real World of Teach for America
Kady Amundson - "The Mentor"

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University of Tennessee graduate Kady Amundson’s days rarely end when school is over. At the start of her Teach for America assignment, her school faced administrative and scheduling difficulties.  But that didn’t stop Kady:  she became a tutor and cheerleader to a 19 year old struggling to graduate senior year for the third time, and Kady is now in her third year of teaching.  How’d she overcome the early hurdles that so many TFA teachers face?

This video is part of our series following the day in the life of a Teach for America recruit. Watch the entire series here and weigh in with your comments.

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Kady’s video exemplifies the success you can have as a teacher when you work diligently to get to know your students on a personal level. I commend her for not giving up on Brittany - and certainly scores of others - who deal with struggles outside of school, which ultimately create barriers in the classroom. We need more teachers like Kady in our schools. Let’s hope she decides to stay in the profession.

Having been Kady’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher, I am humbled by her teaching success. Her ability to connect with her students is a rarity, her diligence is enviable, and her humanity is just plain awesome. After 27 years as a teacher, I finally know that she is who I want to grow up to be! Good job showing the world what is possible when one cares enough to give themselves.

Kady grew up with the intelligence and knowledge to be successful in any career. It‘s so important to have fantastic teachers like Kady educating our students. She is such an outstanding person as evidence of the video story. I hope Kady’s story inspires others to go into the teaching profession.

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