January 12th, 2010

The Real World of Teach for America
Daniel Hoffman - "The Idealist"

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“The Idealist”

Meet Yale graduate Daniel Hoffman. He entered Teach for America with high hopes, but one year later, Daniel was out of the classroom. Sometimes even the best of intentions aren’t enough.

This video is part of our series following the day in the life of a Teach for America recruit. Watch the entire series here and weigh in with your comments.

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1 comment

I was sad about Daniel’s overall negative exp. However I did learn a lot from this video and appreciate that unsuccessful TFA CM’s were included in the series just not the success stories the organization likes to highlight. Discussed Daniel and Heylan on my blog a lot b/c of their negative experiences. They actually share similar qualities such as being overly focused on CONTROL of students and on meeting lofty goals etc. Too much to comment on in this section but you can see more about what I said about Daniel @ http://www.tfaadventure.com

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