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EduBloggerCon Coming This June

by Ed Beat on May 15th, 2009

Billed as an un-conference, EduBloggerCon is an international meetup of educational bloggers and others that will take place June 27 in Washington, DC. EduBloggerCon

Conference organizers are calling it a “collaborative conference” because there is no set presentation agenda, but rather all participants are expected to come wanting and possibly facilitating conversations between attendees. If you want to lead a session you don’t have to prepare material, but rather come with a topic you’d like to discuss. Chances are others in attendance will want to join in on the conversation.

It’s free, open to anyone who’s interested and doesn’t even require you to be in Washington, DC for the event–you can attend by virtual partipation via Elluminate.

EduBloggerCon Official Site


Hillary Clinton Makes a Call to Service at NYU Commencement

by Ed Beat on May 14th, 2009

Unemployment’s on the rise.  There’s a global economic recession.  And thousands of college students are graduating.   These new graduates have quite a journey ahead of them. Hillary Clinton

Yesterday was New York University’s commencement at the brand-new Yankee Stadium where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement address and stressed that “the biggest challenges we face today will be solved by the 60 percent of the world’s population under the age of 30.”

Secretary Clinton highlighted the social networking and new technologies available for young people to become “citizen diplomats, citizen activists, to solve problems one by one that will give in to hard work, patience, and persistence, and will then aggregate to the solutions we seek.”

Full text of the speech.

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Facebook … for parents?

by Ed Beat on May 12th, 2009

When Facebook launched in 2004, it was exclusive to college students. In 2006 the social network opened up to high schoolers. Now open to anyone, the site has over 150 million users, young and old alike.  The education community has grappled with how it can use Facebook as a learning tool, parents have wondered how to keep their children safe while using it, and employees and employers have navigated how and when to use the site professionally.


Today, May 12, Stanford University professor (and LMI board member) BJ Fogg is hosting a forum in Palo Alto, California highlighting ways that parents can help their children use Facebook safely and strategically. The event will also highlight the positive skills that youth can gain by using Facebook as a tool.

Facebook for parents event info

BJ Fogg’s Personal Website

Learning Matters on Facebook


Mayoral Control: Coming to a city near you?

by Ed Beat on May 11th, 2009

Today Baruch College in New York will host a panel discussion on mayoral control of NYC schools. Panelists are to include UFT President Randi Weingarten and NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

Bloomberg Klein

In NYC, mayoral control of schools began in 2002 under mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The law expires on June 30, and the New York State Legislature has been examining the success of the schools under Klein and considering amendments to the legislation.

Urban school districts across the country have looked to New York as an example, but the city is certainly not alone in the experiment. In 2007, Washington, DC mayor Adrian Fenty was given direct control of public schools and hand-picked Michelle Rhee to serve as superintendent. President Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, has been outspoken in his support for mayoral control – no surprise since he ran Chicago’s schools for seven years under mayor Richard Daley.

Baruch Event Info

Coverage of NY State Senate hearings [New York Times, 5/05/09]

Related Program: School Reform in NYC [VIDEO]


Buzz is Building about National Standards

by Ed Beat on May 10th, 2009

Both President Obama and his Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, are in favor of national standards. Duncan has even said that he wants to devote $5 billion of his special “Race to the Top” stimulus fund to states committed to the creation of common standards.
National Standards

Perhaps in response to this push from the Obama administration, two recent conferences brought together policy-makers and state legislators to get a national discussion going about standards.

On April 20th, representatives from 48 states met in Chicago at a conference sponsored by the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. On May 5th, the Fordham Institute hosted a conference (”International Evidence about National Standards”) that examined evidence from abroad about the efficacy of common standards.

NGA, CCSSO Launch Common Standards Drive [Education Week / April 20, 2009]

The Best Defense against National Standards? Hearing about National Standards [Commentary about Fordham conference]

John Merrow’s Commentary on National Standards [San Jose Mercury News / Oct 17, 2007]

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