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Around the Web Wednesdays…

by Amanda on Sep 23rd, 2009

Autumn arrived this week, and the schoolyear is in full swing. Here are some stories that we’ve been following:

artsedweekPhoto credit: Charles Rex/ AP

Art schools suffer during recession
[Ed Week]
Harlem Children’s Zone to go national [This Week In Education]
Some evidence in favor of charter schools? Closing the ‘Harlem-Scarsdale’ gap[New York Times]
Arne Duncan to discuss education reform with the Dalai Lama [Mind and Life Institute]
Even though Michelle Rhee and the DC Teachers Union is still without a contract, we’ve got an inside look at the negotiations. Listen in on 2 years of conversations right here. [LMTV]
Extra Credit: Take a look at John Merrow’s reading list. What are you reading?


Weekly Round-Up: Role Models, Innovation and ‘The Providence Effect’

by Amanda on Sep 16th, 2009

It’s Wednesday afternoon and time to take a look at the stories we’re following this week.

Above: The Providence Effect screens tonight in NYC. For more info visit:

As celebrities fall short as roles models, opinion on what that means for our young people [Edutopia 9/16/09, NY Times 9/16/09 ]
Marion Brady, Deborah Meier and others weigh in when John Merrow asks ‘Where’s the Innovation in Education?’ [Taking Note, 9/15/09]
DC appeals to courts to get out of special education obligation [Washington Post, 9/16/09]
In a first, Teachers Union opens a pilot school in Boston [, 9/10/09]
Texas school district wins 2009 Broad Prize for Urban Education [Houston Chronicle, 9/16/09]


Young Entrepreneurs Meet a Challenge

by Learning Matters on Aug 11th, 2009

The economy is in collapse and the unemployment rate continues to rise.  Job prospects for high school and college graduates are dwindling, leaving few options for young people with degrees (and almost certainly debt).

Things are not looking good for recent graduates–what should they do? With few job leads, folks seem to be getting creative by starting businesses of their own. But while many young people may have great ideas, they may not know the first thing about starting their own business. Enter entrepreneurship education.

NFTE CompetitionThe National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) aims to provide entrepreneurship education to young people in low-income communities, and on October 7, it will hold its annual competition that brings students from around the country together to present their business plans to a panel of judges in hopes of winning cash prizes that will turn their business ideas into a reality. We’ll be excited to see what’s to come from the next generation of business leaders.

Back in 2007, we followed the story of Yesenia and twelve of her classmates–all participants in NFTE’s program–who were trying to launch a soda company. We watched as they pitched their business plan to a panel of judges in hopes of getting $10,000 in startup funds.  We also went to Riker’s Island Prison to see how entrepreneurship programs are working with incarcerated youth.

Watch “Young Entrepreneurs”:

Related Podcast: Teaching Entrepreneurship [Podcast 03/02/07]
The National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2009
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship


EVENT: Alternative Education Conference in June 2009

by Learning Matters on Jun 4th, 2009

Summer isn’t necessarily known as the busiest time for educators, but interesting things are bound to happen at the Alternative Education Resource Organization’s conference this June.

AERO Conference

Keynote speakers at the 6th annual conference include Patch Adams, Deborah Meier, Ira Shor and more.  Working under the theme, “Education Alternatives: Past, Present and Future”, the AERO Conference will gather alternative educators from around the globe for 3 days of dialogue, strategy sharing and ideas.

At a time when charter schools and the small schools movement are emerging as powerful alternatives to traditional models and when national standards are under scrutiny, this conference could very well present some antidote for the increasingly fractured US educational system.

Official AERO Conference site

[via E-180]


Congressional Hearing on Charter Schools Tomorrow

by Learning Matters on Jun 3rd, 2009

Tomorrow the House Education and Labor Committee will hold a hearing “to examine how supporting outstanding charter schools can help build an innovative, world-class American school system that educates all students to high levels.”Capitol Building

President Obama has emerged as a proponent of charter schools by calling on states to lift the restrictions that limit charter schools growth.  Tomorrow’s hearing includes a gathering of charter school founders and directors who will likely make a strong case for charter schools.

Among the participants in tomorrow’s hearing are Steve Barr, Founder of Green Dot schools, John King, Director of Uncommon Schools in NYC, and Barbara O’Brien, Lt. Governor of Colorado.  It might present a narrow perspective, but could lead to larger, more spirited discussions about charter schools.

Official hearing information (U.S. Gov site)

Related Program: Charter Schools: Experiment or Solution?

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