September 10th, 2012

READ: John Merrow Named Winner of the 2012 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education

Updated: Here is John’s acceptance speech:

New York, NY – September 10, 2012 – Harold (Terry) McGraw III, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The McGraw-Hill Companies today announced the winners of the 2012 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education. Learning Matters is proud to report that that our president, John Merrow, has been named a recipient of the prestigious prize.


John Merrow will be honored as an education luminary. As noted by McGraw Hill, “Merrow has spent many years as an education reporter for National Public Radio and The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and as an advocate exploring major issues confronting U.S. education… As president of Learning Matters, which he founded in 1995, he has drawn attention to the state of education in the U.S., highlighting programs, schools and teachers who are having significant impact on student achievement.”

The McGraw Prize in Education annually recognizes outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to education innovation. The Prize was established in 1988 to honor the late Harold W. McGraw, Jr.’s lifelong commitment to education and to mark the Corporation’s 100th anniversary. Former Prize recipients include leaders in community-based education such as Harlem Children’s Zone Founder Geoffrey Canada; business leaders, including retired Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation Norman Augustine; classroom teachers like Reynauld Smith of Washington, D.C.; and other innovators, including Teach for America Founder Wendy Kopp.

Honorees are chosen by a distinguished, independent board of judges from the education community. John Merrow, along with co-winners Sal Khan, Ariela Rozman and Timothy Daly, will be presented with a $50,000 prize during a gala awards ceremony in New York on Tuesday, September 18.

Additionally, on Wednesday, September 19, McGraw-Hill will convene past and present prize winners to discuss trends that will shape the future of American education. Merrow will moderate this symposium, entitled Education: The Next 25 Years, The Next 25 Minutes, and will lead an interactive discussion on the rapidly changing education landscape, new ideas and emerging innovations. The event will be broadcast online at

Learn more about John’s work here, and read his weekly blog, Taking Note.

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Yes, are unique, diverse, articulate, perceptive and caring…you are to be saluted!!

Yes, are unique, diverse, articulate, perceptive and caring…you are to be saluted!!

John — Congratulations and All best wishes !

Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve! Cheering you on from the sidelines - Lisa and Charly.

John, it goes without saying that your honor is long, long past due. Part of your passion and your wisdom in educational matters comes from your sense of mission and a genuine humility. Which leads me to dare to propose a 6th truth: “Be passionate and humble in your commitment to work with our children.” We need more people like you who are blessed with that indispensable sense of mission. Thank you for being you.

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